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Solving a dispute can be
stressful and expensive.
It doesn't have to be.

We help you settle disputes
quickly, expertly and confidentially.
At a fraction of the cost.

Online dispute resolution.
You'll be pleased you
stayed out of court.

Solving a dispute can be stressful and expensive. It doesn't have to be.

We help you settle disputes quickly, expertly and confidentially. At a fraction of the cost.

Online dispute resolution. You'll be pleased you stayed out of court.

CODR is the expert online dispute resolution system – fast, efficient and built so you are in the driver’s seat.

We provide you with online access to experts who can assist you resolve your problem using the established methods of dispute resolution (negotiation; mediation; arbitration). CODR (Complete Online Dispute Resolution) enables you or your lawyer to run the dispute online, at a fraction of the cost and time the usual process takes. If the other party is willing to participate, your dispute will be dealt with confidentially, quickly and expertly.

Why would you use CODR to settle your dispute?


You control the process (with the other side).


You can work on your dispute when it suits you, either yourself, your in-house lawyer or external advisors.


It is expert, independent, confidential and quicker than a Court.


As a result, the costs are considerably lower.

How the free enquiry process works:


You provide an overview of the dispute to us, together with a description of the other parties.


We will provide free information as to options for resolving your problem.

Please note that CODR does not provide legal advice or representation.

If you want to proceed with CODR:


Each party provides an overview

Each other party provides their overview of the dispute – we provide easy to use on-line forms


We provide a specialist expert

We provide a specialist expert and fee estimate. See our information on fees here.


CODR and the expert guide you

CODR and the expert guide you through the on-line process (timetables and forms assist) – you have the ability to agree a different timetable or to meet or have a hearing in person at any stage should you wish.


The dispute is settled

The dispute is settled or decided by an independent expert, quickly and more cost-effectively than traditional methods.


You can enforce the decision

You can enforce the agreement or decision if you need to.

Who we are

CODR was established by Michael Heron QC, former Solicitor-General of New Zealand. Michael has unique experience in litigation and has more recently led the digital transformation of the Crown Law Office in New Zealand. “The current court process is complex, lengthy and very expensive,” says Mike. “CODR provides access to expert justice in a way which is driven by you and your needs.”

Michael Heron QC
Former Solicitor-General of New Zealand

“Disputes are costly, stressful and time wasting – whether it's a business or personal one. CODR provides a modern (online) and cost effective tool to resolve these in all parties' interests – a genuine win win.”

Miriam Dean CNZM QC
Barrister, mediator and company director

“Of all of the electronic dispute platforms presently available in New Zealand with which I am familiar, the CODR platform is the most sophisticated and best designed to maximise the opportunities and minimise the downsides of this type of mediation. I would strongly recommend individuals and companies involved in smaller commercial disputes to consider approaching CODR to seek assistance to get them resolved.”

Kenneth Johnston QC

“On-line dispute resolution can provide another option for clients who cannot afford to access traditional methods of dispute resolution.”

Mark Kelly

Types of disputes we deal with:

Contract Disputes

A dispute about a contract will often be decided by an interpretation of the meaning of the words of the contract, in their context, with the relevant factual context.

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Very often, that will not require lots of witnesses or much evidence at all.  An independent contract expert will be able to get to the bottom of the issue quickly and fairly.  If you want them to decide the case for you, that can be achieved without lots of documents or the time and expense involved in Court proceedings.

The Supreme Court (Justice Tipping) stated in VECTOR GAS LIMITED v BAY OF PLENTY ENERGY LIMITED [2010] NZSC 5

“The ultimate objective in a contract interpretation dispute is to establish the meaning the parties intended their words to bear.”

CODR allows you to access an independent contract expert to assist determine or resolve your dispute – fairly, quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Disputes

A commercial dispute needs to be determined speedily, efficiently and with an eye to the ongoing relationship between the parties.

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One key aspect of the New Zealand court system is that you do not have access to subject matter experts to determine your dispute. There is no guarantee that you will have a judge who understands (or is expert in) the subject matter in question. CODR guarantees that the expert chosen will have significant experience in commercial disputes.

The time, expense and energy involved in resolving a commercial dispute through the Courts is better spent on getting to fair and independent expert resolution, using the remainder to enhance your business.

Most commercial disputes are resolved without access to the Courts. CODR gives each side an option which doesn’t involve the time, expense or publicity of the traditional system.

Trust Disputes

Trust disputes often arise in a family situation, whether in relation to a separation, family business or inheritance.

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Such disputes are inevitably personal and emotional. A long, complex, costly and uncertain dispute is contrary to the interests of all involved. If the matter can be resolved confidentially and quickly, by an independent expert, the parties can move on and heal.

CODR allows you and your family to get a problem resolved privately and fairly, quickly and expertly. You don’t need to go to Court and have the details aired in the media. You don’t need to wait for years for the result. If you are willing to streamline the process and access an independent online expert, your trust and your family will be much better off.

Consumer Disputes

Most consumer disputes will not be big enough to warrant resort to traditional litigation. Even resort to the Disputes Tribunal can be daunting and involved.

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For disputes which cannot be resolved by discussion, CODR may provide an easy, online way to get an expert solution.

We recommend that the sum involved be at least $20,000 – but that is of course a matter for you. If it is important to you and the other person, CODR can help.

Property Disputes

Disputes concerning land or property form a large part of the work of the New Zealand courts. Very often they involve complex issues of fact and law, and decisions can differ depending upon the court which deals with them.

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Like other areas, there is no guarantee that the judge dealing with your dispute will have any background in dealing with such matters.

New Zealanders have a great deal of their wealth invested in property. Any such dispute is likely to be of great significance to you and the others involved. You want to have it dealt with fairly, efficiently and expertly. CODR gives you that option and ensures that the details will remain confidential.

Insurance Disputes

The Christchurch earthquakes have demonstrated the complexity of disputes arising from insurance. Both sides want these resolved speedily, efficiently and expertly.

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Yet the current court process is lengthy, complex, costly and unpredictable. With that in mind, why not try to resolve your dispute online, with an independent expert, as fairly and quickly as possible?

Very often, insurance related disputes boil down to interpretation of the insurance contract. This in turn involves determining the meaning of the words of the contract, in their context, with the relevant factual background. An independent contract expert will be able to get to the bottom of the issue quickly and fairly. If you want them to decide the case for you, that can be achieved without lots of documents or the time and expense involved in court proceedings.

Healthcare Disputes

There are many bodies who can help you in this area or who will consider your issue. The Health and Disability Commissioner, the Coroner, your DHB, the Human Rights Commission, the Privacy Commissioner and others.

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Most people adversely affected by a healthcare issue want to ensure that steps are taken to prevent the same harm occurring again to others.

Given the sensitive, private and painful matters dealt with in healthcare disputes, there will be occasions where a private, expert, speedy resolution of your dispute will be the best option. CODR will assist you with that. All parties can get to the desired resolution, without having to put themselves through a lengthy, costly and complex process. You and the other party can work on your dispute from home or work, when and where suits you.

Relationship Property – Separation/Divorce Disputes

The Property (Relationships) Act came into force on 1 February 2002. It applies to all people who are married, in a civil union or in a de facto relationship (usually, but not necessarily, of at least three years duration).

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If the relationship ends, the Act presumes that relationship property will be divided equally. The rules around the application of the Act, what constitutes a de facto relationship and what property is included are complex matters requiring legal advice and (regrettably) sometimes the Court to intervene. The Court proceedings can as a general rule be reported in the media.

Most people resolve their relationship property issues amicably with expert help from a lawyer. CODR recommends that. A service we provide, in situations where that cannot be achieved, is to provide confidential, independent expert assistance to resolve your problem. We will ensure that an independent expert deals with your issue quickly, fairly and cost-effectively.

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International Disputes

The most complex issue which arises in these disputes is whether to go to Court and (if so) in which country to do so. With mediation, arbitration or a blend, you don’t need to worry about that.

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A confidential digital process can be conducted wherever and whenever. CODR will provide first class expertise in the area you are dealing with, and enable you or your lawyers to run the dispute through CODR cost effectively and quickly. The resulting agreement or decision (award) can be enforced around the world. Ask us for help.
Other Problems

Traditional courts and tribunals provide traditional access to justice. CODR aims to speed up the process, direct it to the heart of the matter, and use digital methods so that you drive the way in which the dispute is resolved.

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There will be always be a place for traditional court processes and in some areas it is mandatory (criminal and employment matters for example).

Sometimes, however, an online, private, confidential and expert resolution will be the best way of dealing with an issue for all involved. Why don’t you give CODR a try.

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