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Disputes over Relationship Property – Your Options

What to do when a relationship property dispute arises Property division between partners following the end of a relationship can become a complicated and drawn-out process. This is sometimes the case because parties may feel that filing Court proceedings against one...

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Relationship Property – The Fundamentals

The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (“The Act”) applies to partners seeking to divide their relationship property following the end of their marriage, civil union, or de facto relationship. This article provides a brief account of how the Act enables NZ Courts to...

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Construction Disputes

Building a house can be an incredibly exciting time, however, it can also lead to disagreements or disputes.¹ The relationship between you and your builder/contractors is defined by the contract that you have both agreed to. Disputes may arise when the parties have...

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What is Mediation?

A mediation is a confidential negotiation facilitated by an independent and impartial third party (the mediator). Mediation is steadily growing in popularity as a dispute resolution process for the following reasons: Cost Preparation for a mediation is far less...

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What is Arbitration?

An arbitration is a private dispute resolution process that has many similarities to a court proceeding. The parties present their cases to one or more arbitrators (usually an odd number to prevent a “tie”) who then impose a legally binding decision. Arbitration has...

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What is the CODR Process?

The CODR Process combines the best aspects of mediation and arbitration to form an enhanced dispute resolution procedure. The result is a process that preserves relationships as best as possible while providing fair, efficient and conclusive resolutions to disputes....

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Even a seemingly straight-forward dispute can often have many dimensions that reveal themselves once the resolution procedure begins. If you are interested in finding out more, please make an enquiry, or call 0800 CODR 00.